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How do 韦德买球网站 faculty or staff members use the MHEC/State Contracts?

Holyoke Community College faculty 而且 staff may use COMMBUYS to view current State Contracts. The active Statewide Contracts are pre-bid 而且 may be used by faculty 而且 staff to purchase supplies 而且 services for Holyoke Community College in any amount.

How does a vendor participate in MHEC/State Solicitations?

Open bids are posted on the bulletin board across the hall from Frost 335. 供应商可联系 采购 to inquire about open bids. In addition, vendors who register with COMMBUYS, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Procurement System, receive email notification of any solicitation that 韦德买球网站 posts on the site.

What are the maximum amounts a department may spend without conducting a bid?

Unless a State or MHEC contract is used, $9,999.99 is the maximum amount that may be spent. If the amount to be spent is more than $10,000.00 but less than $50,000.00 , three quotes are required unless a State or MHEC contract is used. If $50,000.00 or more is to be spent, a bid is required unless a State or MHEC contract is used.

How do I use the State or MHEC contracts?

Contracts posted on both the COMMBUYS 而且 MHEC websites include detailed instructions. For more information, contact 采购.